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Alberto Nones

Alberto Nones is carving out a distinctive path as a pianist-scholar. He has garnered international recognition for his double album dedicated to Chopin’s Complete Mazurkas (Continuo Records, 2016, about to be digitally reissued by the major Italian label Halidon Music), and a recent EP featuring Chopin’s Complete Fantasies (Convivium Records, 2022), widely acclaimed by both audiences and the press.


Beyond the keys, Alberto Nones stands as a fervent advocate for the enduring relevance of classical music and the world of the piano. For him, it is not just a matter of technical pursuit but a vehicle for emotions, sentiments, and ideas. His education, spanning the “F. A. Bonporti” Conservatory of Music in Trento (his hometown in the Italian Alps), the University of Bologna, the London School of Economics, and the University of Trento where he completed his studies with a PhD, contributes a rich intellectual tapestry to his musical interpretations. A former Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Cambridge and a Fulbright researcher and Post-Doc at Princeton University, he has taught political philosophy and communication at the universities of Trento, Lugano, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as piano and musicology at the conservatories of Como, Gallarate, Matera and Perugia. He currently holds a tenured position as a Full Professor in the History of Music at the prestigious “G. Rossini” Conservatory of Music in Pesaro.


In the field of academic research, Professor Nones’s contributions span from performing studies to monographs on Verdi, Zandonai, Bonporti, and the Doors, showcasing a noteworthy breadth of knowledge. His role as the founder and president of the Associazione Europea di Musica e Comunicazione (AEMC) further underscores his commitment to fostering dialogue between scholars and musicians worldwide. He regularly gives Piano Masterclasses at the AEMC, in Italy and online, and is a Honorary Visiting Teacher at the “Edward Said” National Conservatory in the sadly battered territory of Palestine.